Step forward and transform your ORGANIZATION.

This is your chance to help change the future of the Mid-South. In most cases, organizations that support their members’ health see the benefits of a stronger, more supportive and involved community. Church congregations, local businesses, schools and other community groups have already joined the Healthier 901 movement, challenging their members to lose 1,000,000 pounds over the next three years. Now, it’s your turn to empower your members to lose weight and live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Join the Healthier 901 movement today and we’ll help with the heavy lifting.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Free for all. Healthier 901 is a program with no cost to the participating organization.
  • Free health app. Members can access a FREE app to help them live healthier lives.
  • Marketing materials. We provide marketing materials to easily promote Healthier 901 to your organization.
  • Set-up support. We make it easy for you and your members to stay involved by setting up dedicated groups and customizing challenges within the application.
  • Community involvement. Your support is a great way to show the Mid-South you care.

Benefits for Your MEMBERS

  • Free health app. Helps members to track activities, record weight loss, monitor steps, log meals, discover healthy tips and chat with community members.
  • App syncing. The Healthier 901 app syncs with other fitness apps and wearables to log your health stats.
  • Discounts and giveaways. Participants gain instant access to partner discounts and monthly sponsor giveaways.
  • Fun, free events and resources. Access to events, group activities, healthy recipes and other resources to keep you motivated including a social hub to connect with, encourage and empower other participants to reach their goals.

Healthier 901 Member Benefits & Discounts

Unlock exclusive savings with Healthier 901 Member Discounts. Enjoy a range of valuable offers tailored to your health and wellness journey. Explore discounts on fitness memberships, wellness services and more. View all partner discounts and sponsor giveaways.

10% off of participants + 20% off first visit for PT. Log into the Healthier 901 app and show it as proof of participation.

$0 enrollment fees + 20% off mat and towel. Log into the Healthier 901 app and show it as proof of participation.

$20 off $100+ purchase. Log into the Healthier 901 app and show it as proof of participation.


Fill out the interest form to learn more about how your business can support the Healthier 901 movement and connect with thousands of Mid-Southerns. Learn more about the movement.