There’s power in numbers.

Mid-South, a place of resilience and strength, is ready for change. Right now, obesity affects more than one-third of our community. Our most recent Community Health Needs Assessment shows that at least 1 out of every 3 people are at higher risk of life-threatening conditions. But we refuse to be bound by statistics. Together, we are changing the numbers.

Studies show that maintaining a healthy weight can help lower the risk of heart attacks and cancer, which can ultimately save lives. So, we are issuing a powerful challenge to all Mid-South residents, asking you to take action and ignite the change within. Thousands have already joined the Healthier 901 movement. Major employers are showing their ongoing participation. Together, we will rise and shape a healthier, more vibrant Mid-South. Are you in?

How it Works

Join the movement and start setting goals and tracking your progress. Access resources, exclusive benefits and free giveaways. Plus, stay motivated with our supportive community!


Confidence comes from within. But, we’re here to empower you with helpful resources including a BMI calculator, nutritious recipes, healthy restaurant guides and activities for the whole family.


Hear from people who have joined the Healthier 901 movement and kick-started their health journeys. See their progress and learn what’s driving them to live their healthiest, most fulfilling lives.

Together, we’re changing the numbers.


For media inquiries regarding the Healthier 901 movement, please contact our Communications Specialist Sarah Farley, at Sarah.Farley@mlh.org or 901-478-0718. We’re eager to share our journey toward building a healthier community and collaborate with media outlets to inspire positive change.

OUR sponsors

Meet our partners in health – organizations making a life-changing difference for Mid-Southerners. Healthier 901 is more than a weight-loss challenge. It’s heart attacks avoided. Cancer diagnoses prevented. Lives saved. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact us.